Open Up To Mail is a campaign promoting the creativity, success and effectiveness of direct mail. An awareness campaign, if you like, calling all designers, agencies, marketers and interested people to be re-inspired by the power of direct mail. It’s touchy, it’s feely and it delivers results. It can be bespoke and highly customised or it can be personalised with meaning, direct mail is one of the hardest working channels around and is on the increase as brands explore it’s strengths.

The Open Up To Mail campaign is funded by TSA Limited a coalition of industry members who want to yell from the rafters about the success of direct mail and how we are only limited by our imaginations. Check out our Supporters page to learn more about our contributors and sponsors.

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Sales increased by 13.5% – 11% higher than the planned sales goal


95% engagement


87% redeemed the offer of their Kit Kat Chunky


Response rates: Email – 12% Direct Mail – 29%


£387,685 incremental revenue


A 56% uplift of donation on the previous year


11.4% Conversation rate


Produced $360M revenue growth


24% increase in web traffic


The campaign exceeded sales targets by 30%


14% uplift in sales


Abandoned carts reduced by 14%


DMM is an industry leader providing multi-channel communication solutions tailored to the needs of individual businesses across Australia. We partner with our clients so that we understand their objectives and the unique challenges that they face, and ensure we provide a solution that is spot on for their business and customers. We continue to discover the latest technologies and trends from across the world, so that we can share the opportunities and benefits with our clients. Our highly skilled technical team work closely with clients to develop unique and innovative solutions, that can be customised to the requirements of each business.


We are limited only by our imaginations and our Agency supporters are kicking goals with their strategic and creative thinking for direct mail and marketing campaigns. This month we are celebrating ActionWords, who are well known for their creative genius.

ActionWords is  a Melbourne based marketing agency focused on key content and using language as the connector to inspire and engage your customers. To bring your direct marketing campaign to life look no further than ActionWords to shape your messaging.

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