DMM is an industry leader providing multi-channel communication solutions tailored to the needs of individual businesses across Australia. We partner with our clients so that we understand their objectives and the unique challenges that they face, and ensure we provide a solution that is spot on for their business and customers. We continue to discover the latest technologies and trends from across the world, so that we can share the opportunities and benefits with our clients. Our highly skilled technical team work closely with clients to develop unique and innovative solutions, that can be customised to the requirements of each business.


Whirlwind Print brings out the very best in your job by efficiently and effectively managing its leading edge equipment and computer based integrated workflows. Operating a fully coordinated colour management system that guarantees colour control from file validation and optimisation to printing; our state-of-the-art digital workflow systems move your job around the production floor in order to create the finished product. Computer integrated processing data remains one step ahead of each print job at all times. All elements of the system have fully functional disaster recovery or business contingency plans in place. We operate 24 hours 6 days a week and seven if required.


Australian Paper is a vertically integrated manufacturer of pulp, paper, envelopes and stationery. We are Australia’s only manufacturer of office and printing papers, bag, sack, lightweight packaging and industrial papers and a major supplier of kraft liner board for the cardboard carton industry. We are also a major supplier of kraft liner board used in the production of corrugated boxes and have the capacity to manufacture more than two billion envelopes annually making us Australia’s largest envelope manufacturer.

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